Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) – FTI Redefining Protection Technology

Reducing heat gain and preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI) are major cost-control objectives for plant operators. However, achieving these goals depends on long-lasting, watertight cladding. FTI’s systems – FibaClad combined with FibaRoll, and our pre-insulation system FibaShield – prevent water entry into insulation by providing a strong mechanical barrier with watertight seams and excellent adhesion at terminations.

FibaClad is a leading lightweight, non-metallic cladding system which is specified by major oil and gas companies to prevent corrosion under insulation in all major insulation specification areas: thermal, acoustic, passive fire protection and HVAC ducting. It has fully-certified, lightweight joint solutions to provide you with a standardised, complete cladding system. And unlike many other non-metallic cladding systems, FibaClad offers excellent mechanical protection for your insulation. FibaShield, FTI’s pre-insulation system, has benefited many operators by allowing the insulation application to take place off-site. Therefore the pipe is insulated at ground level, in controlled conditions and with significant benefits for health and safety, cost, scheduling, on-site labour requirement and overall quality and performance.

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Reducing heat gain

In gas, LNG and petrochemical plants, much of the purpose of insulation is to prevent liquids from gaining heat while they are running at operating temperatures below ambient. By gaining heat, cold liquids may be lost through boil off or have to be re-liquefied using valuable energy, therefore increasing costs.

However, insulation systems are designed to be dry and, if they do become wet, the insulation value is reduced and therefore heat gain increases. FibaClad and FibaShield systems provide a strong mechanical barrier with watertight seams, thus avoiding wet insulation. Furthermore, FibaClad and FibaShield are specified with PAP foils, rather than mastics, making the costs and application time attractive against traditional systems. This is why some of our biggest applications have been on cold or cryogenic applications, totaling over one million square metres of materials – projects like Sakhalin LNG/OPF Russia (400,000 sqm), Nanhai Petrochemical in China (250,000 sqm) and LNG Import Terminals in Spain (60,000 sqm). 

Other projects to mention are: Pearl GTL in Qatar (200,000 sqm), Shell Ethylene in Singapore (200,000 sqm), and Pluto LNG in Australia. The most recently completed FibaShield pre-insulation projects are: GATE LNG in The Netherlands (8km), Zebrugge LNG in Belgium (3km), RGT2 LNG Petronas (8km).

Reducing the risks of Corrosion under Insulation CUI

Corrosion under insulation CUI is a particularly insidious form of corrosion because it is so difficult to spot, hidden as it is under insulation and cladding. It is caused by the presence of water and a breakdown in the protective coating system. Why do coatings break down? Sometimes they are damaged during construction and never properly repaired; in other cases they are damaged during operation or the wrong coating was specified originally.

Metallic cladding can become compromised both by inadequate sealing – at overlaps between sheets and at terminations – and when foot traffic bends the metal, in both cases leading to water entry. The solution is to use FibaRoll and FibaShield. These systems can be used on all temperature ranges but are best employed from minus 190°C to plus 135°C.


phenolic prepreg FTI FibaRoll GRP aerospace

FibaRoll PH 

Revolutionary new FibaRoll PH phenolic prepreg, cures in five minutes at 140°C in a press and can be stored in ambient conditions for three months. The aerospace and rail industries…


FibaClad Termination GRP corrosion under insulation


FibaClad™ is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) delivered as pipe sections and, for vessels and tanks, flat sheets ready for application over insulation. Overlaps are sealed with adhesive.


GRP FibaRoll


FibaRoll is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), cured by exposure to natural light or by using metal halide or LED artificial light sources. Depending on the extent of the application, FibaRoll is generally…


GRP Fibashield reinforced

FibaShield (Pre-insulation)

FibaShield is FTI’s innovative, proprietary system designed to pre-insulate and protect pipes in a workshop, prior to welding into final position. Moving this process off-site and at ground…


Case Studies

Pre Insulation Pengarang Malaysia


 Case Study – Pre-insulated pipes for Petronas, Malaysia

The RAPID project in Malaysia has a jetty which is 2.5km long, with expansion loops which carry three LNG and several petrochemical product lines. The LNG lines were to be 42”, 30” and 8” in diameter. Petronas and their subcontractors Samsung and Dialog decided to use FTI’s unique insulated piping system FibaShield, due to its constructional and cost benefits. The FibaShield system comprises PIR (polyisocyanurate) foam, PAP (polyester / aluminium / polyester) foil and reinforced polyester jacketing.


corrosion under insulation CUI FTI Offshore


Case Study – BP Quad 204 & Clair Ridge

Quad 204 FPSO, also called Glen Lyon, and the Clair Ridge Platform were built by BP to service fields in the North Sea, west of Shetland, Scotland. BP specified FibaClad as a result of poor experience with another non-metallic cladding system. FTI’s factories in the UK and Korea then combined to supply 50,000 pairs of fittings and 55,000 linear metres of straights to the projects, which were built by HHI in South Korea.  The scope of the work included insulation cladding for hot, cold and acoustic service.


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